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Where do I start as a beginner?

I knew nothing about 3 d printing when I started. I had heard about someone having produced a gun so I was curious, but I never looked into it. So I did what everyone else would do and that was to type into Google "beginner in 3 d printing". Oh my it seemed like there were hundreds of sites.

I began by clicking on them one by one. So many of them were so expert that they went too fast and it seemed like they forgot what it was like for them in the beginning. I did not know anyone at the time who was into 3 d printing, so I just plugged away. I finally decided I had learned enough to get started. The only way I was going to learn anymore was to go hands on. Now I had to figure out a way to get my hands on a printer.

I searched the internet and found a company that sold a kit. I really enjoy putting things together so it made sense that I could cut some cost by building a kit. The company was Anet and they had some pretty good reviews. Why not buy one. What could go wrong. Well I had to wait a fair amount of time. It finally got here. I cleared my work bench which took some time and off I went putting this thing together. I will admit the instructions were very well put together, and with a few mistakes it went together.

Now it was time to do the first model. A couple samples came with the unit. But even though it seemed simple enough I spent some time online making sure I set it up right.

Push all the buttons and it started. First try and it came out ok. Lets try the second. Not so good I had done something wrong and of course I had no idea what. I am going to leave you here. I will tell you more later

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