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Broken But Amazingly Fixed

About three weeks ago I was working on a project trying to finish a several items job. In the middle of the project the filament kept breaking and the project kept warping on the left side. I would reload the filament, adjust the temp of the bed, and try again. The nozzle seemed to be plugged so for the first time since I purchased my machine, I decided to change the nozzle.

Well, I got on You Tube found out how to change the nozzle and away I go. I missed one thing in my research. I was to put a long screw in the hot end so I could keep it from moving as I unscrewed the nozzle. As I struggled trying to get the nozzle lose, something snapped the light went out. I paid no attention at that time. I just changed the nozzle.

I tried to start the machine to finish the project, but nothing. I got on You Tube tried to find out if it said anything about what just happened but nothing. I researched to see if there was a reset button, but nothing. As I sat there looking at the machine on the front door is a website in case you need support. I really needed support. So, I wrote an email.

I figured it would take some time, so I decided I would start looking for a new machine. I even tried contacting various forums, joined them and waited for access. In less than twelve hours I got a response from the manufacture, QIDI. I could not believe it. So, I answered their questions and off we went. I am going to leave you here because the best is yet to come.

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