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Boy 3 D printing can get frustrating!

Right from the beginning it seems I have been frustrated with 3D printing, so why do I stick with it! Well when you succeed it is so rewarding all the frustration seems to go away. This process can be complicated but that is most of the fun. Learning all the technics. Learning from your mistakes, spending time researching what others are doing, that is the fun.

The other day a friend of mine came to me and had a project for me. He had a flag pole connector he really liked because with his health problems he was able to put up and take down his flag with ease. Well it broke so of course off to the manufacture online he goes. The pole was so old, the old company had changed hands so many times he could no longer get parts.

No matter where he looked no one had the parts. So he came to me with the part (in pieces I might add), and asked if I could make a new part. He tried to glue it, did not work. I looked at it, a simple part easy to make except it had a screw in the side to hold it to the pole. I had never done that before. Off to you tube, sure enough a video about Fusion 360 and making

a screw hole. Within 10 minutes I had the design and before he could get back from the store, (he likes to shop) I had his part finished. He put it together and it worked perfectly. Even better than new ( when I was designing it I tried something different than the original), now he was able to fly his flag. Everyday I find something new with 3D printing.

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