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Broken Continued

At first I think we got a little mixed up as to what was happening to my machine. But it got resolved and the tech support very quickly said its the mother board and we will send you a new one. Much to my surprise, as I was sending them my address, I was shocked that they were so quick to say we will send you a new one so give us your address. I was afraid to ask. How much will it cost.

I was again shocked when they said "No Cost" including shipping. But that was my first problem, I realized that they were talking from China and with all the shipping problems in the world it was going to take months. I did not want to wait. I have a friend with the same machine and I remembered he had had a problem when he first got his machine and they sent it right away.

But that was a long time ago and I really needed the machine. So they sent it and said I would receive a video along with the new motherboard. So now it was a waiting game. Two days went by nothing. But on day three I got a notice it had been shipped through DHL. I even got a tracking number. It went from one place in China to another place in China and then Customs. I just knew it was going to get lost.

Next day it was tracked to Cincinatti Ohio. Wow, its almost here three days later its at my front door. I opened it but no video. I got on line found a couple videos, but not of my machine. I contacted tech support and they sent me a link to a video and while it looked very complicated it was all I got. Thirty some connections, one by one, I took one off the old board put it on the new board.

Next thing I knew it was all done. I put it all back together crossed my fingers and turned it on. It worked and was even better than when it was new. I have used it many times since, works fantastic. I am so impressed with QIDI, I can't praise them enough. Only wish I could be a part of their advertising. Well, off I go, have a project in the machine, see you next time.

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