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Every day I find a new thing to make in 3D that I can not live without.

About a month ago I started learning about Fusion 360. This is a program where you can create your own model, either from scratch or taking an existing model and change it to your use. Its a very expensive program if you want to use it to make a profit. The developers however allow guys like us who just want to learn the process to use the program to create our own models up to 10 things.

It is not the easiest program to learn but some basic models can be produced early in your training that makes it exciting to see what you can do. For example I live in a condo association in Florida. We have a problem with people who are not a member of the association using our dumpster. The board wants to put up a camera to see who is using the dumpster, so they have been getting bids for the equipment.

The amount they think they need is way too high. So I purchased a $65 dollar camera that could be used outdoors and solar rechargeable. Since I did not want to permanently install

install it I needed a plate so I could connect the camera and solar panel together with a clip so i could place it anywhere on the property. That way the board could see from different angles where to put the camera without using multiple cameras.

Where do I go. Into Fusion 360 I know i need a plate 8 inches long by at least 3 inches wide and for security lets go 3/8 inch deep. Five minutes later I have a design, an hour later I have a part, Fifteen minutes later its on the wall.

The most amazing thing I just did was inspired this Christmas. I did the most fantastic present for my wife an electric can opener. I know that's not really a present you should give your wife, but you don't know how many times we do not try new foods because no one wants to open a can by hand, so in the middle of summer when she said "boy I wish we had an electric can opener" I said Christmas present.

Well we opened it up on Christmas day, tried it on something and found it takes off the top in a entirely different way. Its a safety thing. The can lid comes off from the side no sharp edge, amazing. Next day she wants a tuna fish sandwich. No problem get out the new can opener. I hate opening tuna fish cans, they are the hardest to open with a manual opener.

Take the top off. Put it back on to drain the water off, you know squeeze it down. Always works great. Well not with good old safety opener, you can't push the lid down. How am I going to get the water out, its just sitting there. A fork, that was a trip but the only way and sandwich was way too moist.

Two days later I am sitting in my man cave. My 3D printer, I will make a model just a little smaller than the tuna can. Add a small handle to pick it up. A short time later a new model, off to the kitchen, open the can. I have never gotten tuna so dry of the water before. Here is my final design.

See what you can do. Until the next time, happy 3d printing.

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