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How could I ever thought I could do this?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Well the second try at printing was a disaster. First it would not stick to the bed. Why, I had no idea. So off to you tube to see if I could figure it out. I tried different tape, adjusting the nozzle to the bed, different temperatures for the bed. Finally I got a model to stick to the bed. Not sure how but it worked.

Oh did it look terrible. What happened, I did everything right. Back to you tube, found out you can change all kinds of setting in your slicer. Oh slicer yes no one talks about what is the best Slicer. In the 3 D world they expect you to know allot of things you just cannot be expected to know. Back to google and read. I got tired of having problems.

So in my many searches online they talked about a glass top bed as having less sticking problems. Off to research more, then on to Amazon, and sure enough I ordered one. Oh did I tell you once you buy a 3 D printer Amazon becomes your friend. You see you think that the cost of the printer is bad but what they don't tell you are all the things you need to make things work.

You see $25 dollars for filament, after all you need more than one color. The blue filament just doesn't make it for some models, $35 dollars for a glass bed top, better clips to hold the glass down. Safety issues because everything gets so hot. The need for more power. OH OH my printer is acting up got to go. Talk to you later.

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